Weekly Summary (2018.03.13) Information Website: yasa.rimvis.lt Detailed Logs and Statistics: Google Sheet Discord Server: Discord Invite Total shares sold: 50000 Market movement: 0 (since last week) shares changed hands. News: Probably everybody noticed all around lower prices in crypto world and recent drop in BTC (there is speculation that large amount of mtgox btc was sold). That impacted asset total value (currently ~37k $). Other than that nothing much is going on, just sitting tight and waiting for crypto to recover. As for reinvestment (will update sheet soon) 27k+ Beans were bought and will be sent today (after i am done writing this). These are not yet reflect in total asset value and will be included in next weeks records. ATTN: Shareholders who has shares with bonus status and wants to transfer them to another account please let me know about this transfer so i can mark bonus transfer on my own list. Shares with bonus status that are sold at Asset Exchange loose bonus status for good. Have questions? Something needs clarification? Let me know! -- LithStud