@hidevin said in RollBurst.com - An Exclusive Dice Game for Burst Coins: Nice promotion for BURST coin too, auto rolling reminds me of crypto-games, I would suggest adding a dark theme to your website too. Also right now, it seems the site is in a forever loading state for me. Don't really know what's wrong with it. edit: just started working Maybe make a x button on where you close tabs i.e: Also maybe adding a smoother transition when opening stuff on the site, everything just seems to like pop up. ( when you open things that aren't the manual/auto/chat/stats/provably fair tabs ) If you add a feature where dicebot can interact with your site, it can add more traction too. When you auto roll it's 1bet/s? is there anyway to increase that betting speed? Those tabs never loaded in for me, as they stayed forever loading, except I can bet on the site. Other than that, good luck with your site! :D! Thanks for your feedback. We will implement your suggestions soon. Earlier the site was loading very slow because of the server issues. Now all the issues are fixed and upgraded to a better server. You should not face loading issues any more.. Thank you..