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    For you to get paid, the pool needs to win blocks, and it's going through a dryspell at the moment - blocks are hard to come by. Looking on the pool page, your account shows 0D + 0 - this indicates you've earned some Burst from a block the pool won, but earned < 1 Burst for it. You current estimated historic share is set at just over 2 Burst - so if we win a block now, you'll get at least 2 Burst, and more depending on how good your DL is on the round that the pool wins the block. If you're the one that hits the block, you'll get around 400 Burst.

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  • RE: More Viixim Hardware for mining builds.

    @eq Just mention you got the info from here/me to get the best price,

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  • RE: More Viixim Hardware for mining builds.

    @eq Email Matt - I just post the info. He's an easy guy to interact with. If you'd prefer I contacted him, DM me,

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  • More Viixim Hardware for mining builds.

    They're not just providing HDD's now. For those wondering about how reliable these guys are, I'm running over 100 of their drives, and the one I had an issue was replaced without an issue. I also know a number of you are already using them.

    I have the below mining hardware available to me. All new factory sealed units. Maybe when you have a moment can you post to the forum? Have people reach out to me if anything is of interest and I will provide a price. Thank you!!


    Matt Jiron
    Viixim Inc.

    1926 Kellogg Ave #102 ← New Address please update your records
    Carlsbad CA, 92008

    Phone: 760-756-9500 Ext. 1001
    Fax: 760-615-7075
    Email: [email protected]
    Skype: Matt Jiron

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  • RE: gapedjer and CharlesBig.

    @haitch And they're blocked. Well they can't say I didn't warn them .......

    If you're having an issue with your account, please contact me - don't try to keep creating more new ones, especially when you've never posted - I'm losing my tolerance for this and reaching out to people to see if they're having problems.

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  • RE: Need help...

    @zinethar55 I'm still buying HDD's, but mine have been paid off by getting in early - getting an ROI is getting harder and will continue to get worse without a significant increase in the value of Burst and/or BTC.

    MY thinking is that if I'm wrong, and Burst collapses, those that buy and hodl, will have lost most of their investment. By buying drives rather than Burst I can continue to mine for now, and if the coin collapses switch to a future PoC coin, or sell the drives and recoup a lot of my investment.

    I won't advise you or anyone else to do one thing over another, I'll present my thoughts and let you make up your own mind.


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  • RE: B3 Fundamental Node Asset.

    @jaxblack There seems to be a lot of activity in their Discord, but yeah - the coin isn't going anywhere at the moment. Then again, neither was Burst for the longest time.

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  • gapedjer and CharlesBig.

    Can you two please stop continually trying to create a new accounts - it's starting to really annoy me.

    If you're having problems with your account message me in "Message Haitch" or email me at [email protected]

    If the account creation requests continue - and neither of you have posted anything at all - I'll ban your IPs.


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  • RE: Optimized Plots for PoC2

    @ciscler Yep, same for me ... but as long as you do not run into memory issue, it will at least work. Now it is on you, how fast you get your plots converted. Best case would be to maybe convert up to 50% until the fork happens, and than convert the other 50% after it to reach normal scantimes again. Thats at least my strategy so far.

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  • RE: Optimized Plots for PoC2

    @ciscler If you have not optimized plots, you should maybe replot with POC2 insted of 1. optimize and 2. convert ... surely depends on whats faster for you. You could also simply keep your POC1 plotfiles, but after the fork it would take ca. twice the time to mine a POC1 plotfile compared to now. Best suggestion is maybe ... do not panik :-)

    By the way, you can test how your mining setup will behave after the fork, as you use jminer. Get latest version and set
    'poc2ActivationBlockHeight=400000' (will cause miner to convert POC1->POC2 ... double the amount to read)
    The deadlines will not be confirmed, but you can test how 'slow' your setup will be after the fork and if you would run in any issues.

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