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  • Custom WS/Miner

    I just finished building the second Workstation/miner based on some Intel Xeon E5-2650 V3 CPU's I received in some trading.

    The first was a workstation/proof of concept PC for a friend. His had a couple of additions over what I'm proposing - eg Dual GPU, 10Gb Ethernet .....

    The second was one I built for sale, but it runs so great I'm keeping it .....

    I'll have two more of these CPU's coming in so can build two more of the custom single CPU workstations, or a dual CPU server.

    The workstation configuration:

    It's an E5-2650V3 Xeon in a consumer mobo. 10 Core/20 Thread, non ECC DDR. It runs like a champ, and would make a great desktop or mining build.

    The specs of the one I built for myself:

    Asus X99 Mobo
    Intel Xeon E5-2650 V3 CPU (10 core/20 Thread) with closed loop water cooling.
    Case: NZXT Mid Tower (11 x 3.5 Internal Drive bays + 2 x 2.5SSD Bays)
    Corsair 750W Modular PSU
    960GB Samsung M.2 SSD
    DDR4 (non-ECC) RAM - 64GB
    GPU - Zotac nVidia 1080 + EVGA nVidia 1070TI
    HDD - 8 * 8TB White Label WD RED drives + 2 * 5TB Toshiba Drives

    The one I built for myself is not for sale, pics below, unless someone wants to make me a very serious offer. Serious offer is around $5.5K as configured.

    I also have a dual CPU Server available - see

    For a custom workstation build the prices will vary based on RAM, GPU, Cooler, Drives, SSD additional HBA.

    Barebones system fully assembled - Case, PSU, Mobo, CPU would be around $900. A fully specced system - that depends on you. DM me to discuss.

    For a custom server, DM me for requirements.

    The system is currently busy plotting - I'll post some more pics later



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  • RE: [ANN] Goodplanets' Shared Masternodes $XMN MOTION 2

    @goodplanets Any way to enter for us non-twits? ;-) ?

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  • RE: Crypto-Hobbyist - BurstCoin Farming

    @dougchristman My pre-builts aren't for people starting out in Burst, unless they want to throw a lot of money into a new hobby - they're high end systems for dedicated Burst addicts. The smaller one is currently configured with 74TB, the big one is available as either 96TB or 320TB ....

    SAS2 can use the same SATA drives you'd normally use, but majorly improves density and manageability - eg I can hang a 15 Drive md1000 chassis off my miner - two power cords, 1 SAS cable, 15 drives - 120TB, or a SuperMicro 45 drive Bay - 2 power cables, 2 SAS cables, 45 Drives, 360TB ........ Managing 45 external USB drives, power bricks, USB3 ports .... no thanks.

    People doing it on a budget generally go for the USB3 drives and either shuck the drive out of the case and use them as internals, or run massive USB farms. There are pro and cons to both approaches. For the externals if you shop around you can generally get them for around $150 for an 8TB drive.

    One thing to note, the cheap Seagate drives are SMR (shingled magnetic recording) formatted - these are fine for a mining, but a nightmare to plot. A regular 8TB PMR drive can be direct plotted in about 24 hours or less, an SMR will be about 7 days.

    The majority of the drives in my farm are 8TB White Label WD Red drives - these are generally available for around $175 each - more expensive than the USB3's, but come with a 1 year warranty that isn't voided by shucking the drive .... more details here:

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  • RE: Crypto-Hobbyist - BurstCoin Farming

    @dougchristman A quad core is fine for 50TB or so, however I'd look at more RAM, it's important during plotting particularly, and possibly bigger processor(s). Plotting is CPU/GPU intensive, mining not so much but it's still important.

    For scaling, some go external USB3.0, I prefer SAS2 external chassis - much higher density and much easier to manage and maintain performance on.

    for build your own, $19-$24 / TB is reasonable; for a prebuilt system - and I have a couple for sale, you're looking at more per TB, but proven systems that save you making the mistakes we made in the beginning ... ;-)

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  • RE: Crypto-Hobbyist - BurstCoin Farming

    @dougchristman Welcome to the community, and the start of your Burst obsession ..... ;-)

    If you want any recommendations or advice on building a rig, this is the place to ask. All sizes and styles of rigs have been built by members here.


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  • RE: I need 1 BurstCoin Help

    @minhhoang780 try ... and check for doing reward assignment with less than 1 BURST.

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  • RE: Blago Miner Rescanning Prior Blocks

    @cryptonick Yes, in case of pool mining, the pool should sit between miner and wallet, but most likely only delegates the 'getMiningInfo' request.

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  • Night and Day

    Slovakia’s Central Bank

    day night

    Reminds me of a german song lyric 'Euch die Macht und uns die Nacht.' Little off topic ... sry.

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  • RE: Blago Miner Rescanning Prior Blocks

    @cryptonick a miner relays on the wallet, basically a miner asks the wallet every e.g. second, for the current block to mine, and if it has changed the miner will react. So, the miner software has not changed but the wallet software ... if a fork occures (2 blocks fighting to get the next block), 'getMiningInfo' delivers the actual state of the fork handling, witch may be a return to previous block and re-process current one.


    (wallet handling a fork)

    You may be able to reduce this issue, by only ask every 2 seconds for miningInfo and not e.g. every 500ms. Jminer remembers miningInfos that have already be mined successful, so if the above happens, starting round for older block would be skipped. Maybe something like that could also be implemented for Blago miner. Sorry if not explained that well, hope you understand.

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  • RE: |ANN| Flawless Asset(Based of real world Diamond trading).

    @flawless where are you at with an escrow setup?

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